Things, people, resources I love and recommend - this will be an evolving list, so make sure you check back regularly.

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I've written about Soapberries before and still stand by them! A fantastic product you can use for cleaning your home and clothes, from a wonderful small business in South Australia - That Red House.  


I use essential oils for 1001 things in my life - from cleaning, to beauty products, hair care, cooking, insect repellant, cleaning jewellery, perfume...the list goes on. I use doTERRA Essential Oils* and have found them to be the best essential oil I have ever tried. The quality and concentration is amazing and I like the way the company chooses to source it's oils, with a focus on sustainability and ethical transactions.

*affiliated because I love it!


I love the Castile and Goats Milk Soap from Robyn's Soap House. I love that it's made from only a handful of basic ingredients, and I love that it's made here in Australia, in a small, handmade business. Perfect for cleaning home and body.


Hemp oil - what can I say? This stuff is amazing. It's my cleanser AND my moisturiser. Full of essential fatty acids, it's literally skin food. And no, using oil on your skin doesn't mean you end up with oily skin - it can actually reduce the amount of oil your skin produces, so it's perfect if you have issues with spots too. 


If you have ever wanted to start to make your own kombucha, my 'bloggy' friend Clare from The Life of Clare  has just the thing for you - a kombucha starter pack. I purchased one and found it so easy to start brewing my first batch, as everything (bar the container!) was included. Highly recommend.