A micro-market garden on the Far South Coast growing food how it’s meant to be - seasonal and chemical free.



Candelo Veggie Co is Geoff and Bec Shann - we share-farm a 1/4 acre of land just outside of the beautiful little town of Candelo on the Far South Coast of NSW with Emily and Mick of Fermaculture Farm and are establishing our own permaculture home-base just up the road.

We have a passion for growing good food that doesn't cost the earth - literally. Bio-intensive, organic and regenerative practices all inform how we grow, and mean we don't use chemical inputs for fertility or pest and weed control, while minimal till practices foster a biologically active, healthy growing environment for our plants - resulting in vibrant, fresh produce for you (and us!).

Currently, we're focussing on our favourite crop to grow - garlic! We’ve grown garlic for a number of years now, each year carefully selecting only the best heads to replant from. This year, we’re increasing our crop size and are so happy with the seed stock we’ve saved from last years crop. Planting was in early April 2019 and harvest will be in mid-Spring.

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