Why living The Simple Life isn't a simple life...

When I was telling people what we were doing when we lived on the farm and grew veggies for a living, I swear people would practically swoon - "Oh my god, that sounds amazing. To just get up and potter in the veggie patch, bake bread, collect the eggs...where do I sign up?" was often the gist of it. And I have to admit that I certainly had rose coloured glasses about it all when we first moved too. It was a damn fine life, and yes, some days were just like the one described above...but around those days there were days that meant scrambled eggs for dinner because I hadn't baked bread or gone to the shops

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A Minimalist {& Green) Bathroom Cabinet

One of the very first things I was introduced to when I started to consider the impact of the chemicals I was using in my home and on myself, was the astounding array of crap that exists in products intended for personal use. Everything from soap, shampoo, hand wash, deodorant, makeup, skin care, the lot, all made up primarily of words I could not say - even after a number of years studying chemistry.

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A Meaningful Garden - Tamsin's Table

Our A Meaningful Garden guest post today is such a delight to me. Many of you will know of Tamsin's Table, the beautiful kitchen and garden based venture of Tamsin Carvan in southern Victoria.

"A shared table. A rambling kitchen garden. A hilltop farmhouse, and 113 acres. Hands on cooking workshops and joyous seasonal lunches."

It's quite funny to me to be sharing Tamsin's story with you today - a few years ago, sitting in the tea room at my research job, I pulled a story out of the local paper about a woman who had moved to a property to be closer to her food and live a life more aligned with her priorities.

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What Goes in Your Bin?

I listened to a really good podcast the other day about the amount of food that gets wasted between the farm and the plate. You can listen to it here. It's not very long and you may be incredibly surprised at some of the statistics... like that 1/3 of all food grown the world is not eaten, that Australians throw away enough food each year to fill 450 000 garbage trucks and that the amount of greenhouse gas produced in Australia from decomposing food waste is the equivalent of what is produced in the manufacture of iron and steel. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor, right? 

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Inspiration for the Green-Hearted

Popping my head in today to share with you four pieces of inspiration for the green-hearted (that's all of you, right?).

I recently read, listened and watched these interviews and found them to be a fantastic 'kick in the pants' to help remind me of exactly what (and why) I am motivated by. Good people doing Good things. Living in alignment with their values, not in some pie in the sky way but in real and tangible ways. It's so easy to be derailed and distracted, I love that such inspiration is easily accessible.

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