A Minimalist {& Green) Bathroom Cabinet

One of the very first things I was introduced to when I started to consider the impact of the chemicals I was using in my home and on myself, was the astounding array of crap that exists in products intended for personal use. Everything from soap, shampoo, hand wash, deodorant, makeup, skin care, the lot, all made up primarily of words I could not say - even after a number of years studying chemistry.

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Inspiration for the Green-Hearted

Popping my head in today to share with you four pieces of inspiration for the green-hearted (that's all of you, right?).

I recently read, listened and watched these interviews and found them to be a fantastic 'kick in the pants' to help remind me of exactly what (and why) I am motivated by. Good people doing Good things. Living in alignment with their values, not in some pie in the sky way but in real and tangible ways. It's so easy to be derailed and distracted, I love that such inspiration is easily accessible.

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Inspiring Reads #3

A new Inspiring Reads post for you this week - with links I've stumbled across in the last month or so and enjoyed. I particularly loved The Moral Bucket List and Meat Reality Day by Clare (who you'll see in an upcoming A Meaningful Garden post soon!), as well as the interview with Alex Olsen (second from the bottom) - a gorgeous and refreshing soul.

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On Being Creative...

Do you consider yourself 'creative'? 

For a long time, to me being creative was synonymous with being 'artistic'. I thought that to be creative you had to be able to paint or draw or take photos or do one of the common artsy things like pottery. I don't know where this assumption came from, perhaps it's to do with the way our schooling curriculum is set up here in Australia, with the 'Creative Arts' title slapped on only those type of traditional streams. Anyway, because of this self imposed definition of creativity, I've never really thought of myself as such, despite the fact that I actually was a pretty creative child and teenager. 

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A Grown & Gathered Day

This weekend, the Husbo and I set our alarm for ridiculous-oclock and headed off in the dark down the freeway to visit the stunning Tahbilk Winery. (As an aside - I love a good roadtrip, even a freeway one - and seeing the sun rising behind Mount Buffalo made the early start particularly worthwhile. Roadtrips are something I need to do more of!). We were heading to Tahbilk to check out the closed-loop farming system being championed by Matt and Lentil Purbrick, the faces behind the brand Grown & Gathered. I've been following Matt and Lentil on Instagram and their site for a while now, and had even contacted them for advice last year about mulching in our market garden. I was keen to see first hand how they integrated their philosophies on sustainable resource use, minimal waste and living lightly in their home and farming enterprise.  

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