A Meaningful Garden - The Life of Clare

Today's A Meaningful Garden guest is someone who I have followed and connected with online for a looong time. I found The Life Of Clare way back before I started a blog, and have loved it ever since. I love it when you find a blog and read it over a number of years, then look back and think about how that persons life has changed and evolved, and marvel at how it's possible for the time to have gone that quickly! Clare is a gal after my own heart, especially so with her dedication to knowing where her food comes from and doing her best to support local food producers. 

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A Meaningful Garden - Nicki Mckay ~ Love of Dirt

Todays Meaningful Gardener is someone I have followed on Instagram and her blog for some time now, completely marvelling at how different our two growing conditions are... meet Nicki Mckay, from the beautifully named blog, Love of Dirt.

Nicki gardens in a compact and super productive city farm in her back yard. I love how much abundance can come from a small space - and Nicki even has a little aquaponics system going in her city space, proving lots of delicious produce. As a 'digital creative', Nicki's garden is a place of respite and refuge for her, a connection to the physical world (I LOVE the line about "the simplicity of just living") - read on below & thank you so much for inspiring us Nicki!

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A Meaningful Garden - Sophie Isobel Asher

Welcome to a very special post in the A Meaningful Garden series. When I had the idea for this series, I wanted to explore the idea that there was a vast variety of reasons WHY other greenthumbs were drawn to tending a garden. All the wonderful gardeners featured in the series so far have shown amazing diversity in their motivations and gardens a-like. The common thread that has emerged is that there is a connection to the garden that runs far deeper than a simple  grow, pick, eat relationship. Today's post speaks to the idea that gardens can be places of healing (a concept I plan to dive much deeper into later in the year in a special project I have brewing). 

Sophie Isobel Asher (you may know her from the wonderful blog of the same name, relaunched this week after many years as Her Library Adventures, and her gorgeous jewellery and homeware label Wilde Asher) is our Guest Gardener this week - and has written so beautifully about her experience of finding and nurturing a connection to Earth, a connection I hope everyone has the joy of experiencing. 

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A Meaningful Garden -Country Living by the Sea

Welcome to the first A Meaningful Garden post of 2015! I loved putting these posts together last year - it's so motivating to hear from others what their gardens mean to them. To inspire other people to start a garden is one of the reasons I decided to invite others to post on Think Big. So many people I talk to love the idea of having a garden but put it in the 'too hard' basket - I hope that reading about the passion and purpose behind the garden can help those people to decide to give it a go.

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A Meaningful Garden - OMMG Tea & A Giveaway!

As Spring rolls in, and to celebrate a new look Think Big website (isn't she pretty!?), what better time to bring you a new A MEANINGFUL GARDEN guest? This post is abit special - you see, this beautiful lady knows me "In Real Life". Allison Davies and I lived at the same residential college back in the day, when we were both at university (and, ahem, she probably knows way too much incriminating evidence about me). Through the wonders of Facebook and internet-land, I've watched her travel and be a free spirit, to then land back in her home of Tasmania and put down roots with a gorgeous little family and wonderfully centred music therapy business, called Oh My Musical Goodness (or OMMG for short). Alli writes on her website... 

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