The Garden Share Collective - October 2015


Oh, Hi Spring!  I'm always surprised by this time of the year in our part of Temperate Australia. One minute, it's winter, then next minute it's almost Summer. Last week, there was snow not too far away from us - next week, we are heading for over 30 degrees. Yikes! While that will likely be the end of the cauliflower plants in the patch, the summer-loving seedlings will be happy.

There hasn't been too much to do in the established garden the last couple of months except for enjoying watching it grow. I've been able to start harvesting baby spinach, sorrel and kale leaves, lettuce, chives and garlic chives and a few cups of sprouting broccoli. Everything has started to jump out of the ground since the Spring Equinox last week (my birthday!), and it all looks great. We even heard from my parents, who gave up their veggie patch for us to plant out our garlic, that it is going crazy - so here's hoping it's a wonderful harvest in a month or two.

There are a few aphids around (the joys of gardening in an urban environment?) and I've noticed a few on a couple of sprouting broccoli plants. To me, this indicates that those plants are stressed or sick, and that they could be the first indicators of either low level water stress or nutrient stress in the veggie patch. So, those two plants got pulled out, and I've doused the patch in seaweed extract and started watering every couple of days as the day length increases and temperatures rise. 

Even though I said I wouldn't really sow many seeds this spring, I still have. I love growing from seed. I love the simplicity of dropping seeds into soil, water and wait. I love how the plants just want to grow. There's a lot of hope and tenacity in those little seeds, and it's just downright amazing how a whole plant can develop from a tiny seed. Planting a seedling and nurturing it is wonderful, but now that I've been growing from seed for awhile, it feels like it's only half the story. I planted tomato, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, basil and chilli this month, even though I didn't know where we were going to plant them. I still need to plant some watermelon and some capsicum, and a variety of broccoli I have that likes the warm weather, as well as some button squash and some cabbage if I can find a variety that will handle summer too, and maybe some leeks...guess you could call me an addict?

Remember that little pot I planted out a couple of months ago? Well, there it is up there, bursting with lettuce. I'd been harvesting from it daily for a few weeks now. So much food for such little effort!


We don't know how much longer we'll be here in this I'm enjoying it while we can and casting my thoughts ahead to summer when the seedlings emerging now will be growing in another garden somewhere else and the cycle of seeding and planting will be happening again.


How's your garden growing this spring?