The Garden Share Collective February 2014

Welcome to the February edition of the Garden Share Collective! Super short and sweet from me today, this past month has been pretty uneventful in the patch.

Firstly, thank god for zucchinis that can cope with the heat. We've had some scorching weather in January, and some things have fared better than others. The zucchinis have been giving me just enough to keep me happy, at least some of the tomatoes have been revelling in the heat too - albeit only because I erected some crazy kind of sun protection (which you can see over in my Instagram feed). Unfortunately, a couple of my tommie plants aren't doing so well - whether through heat or something else (please, not the dreaded wilt virus!!). Growth up the top of the bush is looking pretty happy, so I'm crossing fingers it's nothing too devastating.

The little 'pumpkin delicata' plants are growing just a single fruit each - there's no more flowers forming either, so I think the stress of the hot weather might be limiting them too. I'll be happy enough with just the two of my little pumpkin/squashy things, apparently they are sweet and great for baking. One of the other things doing super-well in the heat is my little Bay tree. It was tiny when I got it, so I put it in a pot to be able to move it around depending on the weather. It's shot up this past month, so I'm thinking it will be not long before it needs to get put into the ground. Looking forward to having bay leaves on demand.

Similarly, my Gotu Kola is finally kicking along, after just sitting pretty for months. If you haven't heard of Gotu Kola before, you can read a little more here. I'm growing it as part of my 'garden pharmacy', in the hope that it might help my worn out left knee and keep me running on the odd occasion. I'll keep you posted about this one. Even the chillies are abit worse for wear - sunburnt and bleached. I'm not worried about this guy bouncing back though - having survived a frosty winter in this spot, he's a tough one!

There's been plenty of this going on lately, just trying to keep everything ticking along. Is there anything more 'Aussie' than a sprinkler in the backyard?

// Planting //

Again, pretty much nothing this month. The black birds struck again by getting into my lettuce pot at the back door and digging out most of my lettuce plants, so I'll need to replant some seeds. Not bothering until this hot weather has toned it down abit though.

// Harvesting //

Chillies, tomatoes, basil, spring onions, chives, garlic chives, zucchinis, spinach, chard, thyme, rosemary, pineapple sage, lettuce, french sorrel (my salad saviour!)

// To Do //

Liquid fertilise - I am still not doing this regularly and the plants really need it. Keep watering, checking, picking and training. Another maintenance month!

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The Garden Share Collective is a monthly collection of posts collated by Lizzie over at Strayed from the Table from gardeners across the globe, sharing their veggie patches, potted gardens and windowsill herbs…Go and check it out! “Creating a monthly community to navigate through any garden troubles and to rival in the success of a good harvest we will nurture any beginner gardener to flourish. Each month we set ourselves a few tasks to complete by the next month, this gives us a little push to getting closer to picking and harvesting. The long-term goal of the Garden Share Collective is to get more and more people gardening and growing clean food organically and sustainably.”