The Think Big Live Simply Message

{Think Big} to look beyond; awareness, expanded.

{Live Simply} to feel spacious; life, intentional.

This is what {Think Big. Live Simply} means to me. To you, maybe not so much. And that’s more than ok.

I’m Becs, the creator of this space – Welcome!

I've been on a journey for the last few years that’s leading me a little further away from what society is telling me is the norm – and I love it out on this path. I've found a passion for sustainability, and living gently.For turning off the tv and building a garden. For connecting people and plants. For letting go of all the ‘stuff’ and finding something I can do everyday that will make a difference. For rebuilding my future, now that I realiseI have a choice. We all do. 

Here I’ll share my experiences in living a simpler, more beautiful life;  on how I’m trying to carve a path that tiptoes on the edge of my comfort zone and leaves me both expanded and at home. I’ll talk about the ways I leave lighter footprints on the earth, about living with less in my home and in my head, and about eating real foodAbout what a spiritual practice means for me (hint - it's not religion, although if that's your thing, I'm totally cool with that). And other stuff – some of it important, some of it not so important - because really, I've failed at taking life too seriously!

This is not a space where you’ll find lots of doom and gloom about the state of the world– yes, I am a straight down-the-line, tell it like it is, sometimes abit OCD Virgo – BUT I am also really into living life by feel. It’s got to feel good. I want to make a difference to our world, in my own small way, by educating people, gently. One thing at a time, small changes, big impact. 

So welcome, again. I'd love you to stick around. If you want to connect with me, I'd love that too - you can find me via my social links over on the side.