A Grown & Gathered Day

This weekend, the Husbo and I set our alarm for ridiculous-oclock and headed off in the dark down the freeway to visit the stunning Tahbilk Winery. (As an aside - I love a good roadtrip, even a freeway one - and seeing the sun rising behind Mount Buffalo made the early start particularly worthwhile. Roadtrips are something I need to do more of!). We were heading to Tahbilk to check out the closed-loop farming system being championed by Matt and Lentil Purbrick, the faces behind the brand Grown & Gathered. I've been following Matt and Lentil on Instagram and their site for a while now, and had even contacted them for advice last year about mulching in our market garden. I was keen to see first hand how they integrated their philosophies on sustainable resource use, minimal waste and living lightly in their home and farming enterprise.  

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