The Garden Share Collective - October 2015

Oh, Hi Spring!  I'm always surprised by this time of the year in our part of Temperate Australia. One minute, it's winter, then next minute it's almost Summer. Last week, there was snow not too far away from us - next week, we are heading for over 30 degrees. Yikes! While that will likely be the end of the cauliflower plants in the patch, the summer-loving seedlings will be happy.

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A Meaningful Garden - Carly ~ Making Sense of Things

Welcome to this months A Meaningful Garden post. Carly from Making Sense of Things has written such a beautifully descriptive post, I challenge you to not feel like you are in her garden with her (and the stunning photos do help with that!).

I've been following Jean and Carly on Instagram and Facebook for a while now, and love the way that Carly captures their everyday moments. Her story below starts off in a way that is so similar to mine (well, minus the London and engineer bit anyway) and I love how she has woven the spirit of permaculture thoroughly into her beautifully productive garden.

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The Garden Share Collective - August 2015

Welcome back to my Urban garden! This is my first GSC post since we moved off the farm and back into our city house. It's been, funnily enough, like coming home to get back out into my garden and check out what's lived and died over the last year and a half of having our house rented out. There were some casualties (camellias, lavender and jasmine, along with my potted lemon/lime) but overall, it's not been too bad. 

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