Here and There - A Mini Update

Autumn is upon us (thank goodness) and the golden light, she is everywhere! We've ripped out a large portion of the summer garden and planted it out to garlic, and boy was the garlic ready for it - it popped straight out within a few days, little green points pushing through the soil surface quicker than I thought possible. 

Something else exciting - we settled on our new home last week (you can get a peek on Instagram!). I'm so looking forward to the process of planning and physically building our little home, not to mention applying some good Permaculture planning and principles to the garden and other acres. Straight up, we have a couple of serious weed issues to deal with, and I'm keen to not turn to the conventional 'burn and spray' if it's at all this space.

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A Meaningful Garden - The Life of Clare

Today's A Meaningful Garden guest is someone who I have followed and connected with online for a looong time. I found The Life Of Clare way back before I started a blog, and have loved it ever since. I love it when you find a blog and read it over a number of years, then look back and think about how that persons life has changed and evolved, and marvel at how it's possible for the time to have gone that quickly! Clare is a gal after my own heart, especially so with her dedication to knowing where her food comes from and doing her best to support local food producers. 

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Inspiring Reads #3

A new Inspiring Reads post for you this week - with links I've stumbled across in the last month or so and enjoyed. I particularly loved The Moral Bucket List and Meat Reality Day by Clare (who you'll see in an upcoming A Meaningful Garden post soon!), as well as the interview with Alex Olsen (second from the bottom) - a gorgeous and refreshing soul.

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