Here and There - A Mini Update

Autumn is upon us (thank goodness) and the golden light, she is everywhere! We've ripped out a large portion of the summer garden and planted it out to garlic, and boy was the garlic ready for it - it popped straight out within a few days, little green points pushing through the soil surface quicker than I thought possible. 

Something else exciting - we settled on our new home last week (you can get a peek on Instagram!). I'm so looking forward to the process of planning and physically building our little home, not to mention applying some good Permaculture planning and principles to the garden and other acres. Straight up, we have a couple of serious weed issues to deal with, and I'm keen to not turn to the conventional 'burn and spray' if it's at all this space.

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Companion Planting – Fact or Fiction?

Companion planting seems to be something that some people swear by, and others discount as an old wives tale. I am a strong supporter of planting both flowers and veggies in your garden but I’d often wondered if companion planting was more hype than practicality. We’ve probably all heard the advice to plant basil with tomatoes, but does it work? 

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A Meaningful Garden - Carly ~ Making Sense of Things

Welcome to this months A Meaningful Garden post. Carly from Making Sense of Things has written such a beautifully descriptive post, I challenge you to not feel like you are in her garden with her (and the stunning photos do help with that!).

I've been following Jean and Carly on Instagram and Facebook for a while now, and love the way that Carly captures their everyday moments. Her story below starts off in a way that is so similar to mine (well, minus the London and engineer bit anyway) and I love how she has woven the spirit of permaculture thoroughly into her beautifully productive garden.

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What Goes in Your Bin?

I listened to a really good podcast the other day about the amount of food that gets wasted between the farm and the plate. You can listen to it here. It's not very long and you may be incredibly surprised at some of the statistics... like that 1/3 of all food grown the world is not eaten, that Australians throw away enough food each year to fill 450 000 garbage trucks and that the amount of greenhouse gas produced in Australia from decomposing food waste is the equivalent of what is produced in the manufacture of iron and steel. Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor, right? 

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Inspiration for the Green-Hearted

Popping my head in today to share with you four pieces of inspiration for the green-hearted (that's all of you, right?).

I recently read, listened and watched these interviews and found them to be a fantastic 'kick in the pants' to help remind me of exactly what (and why) I am motivated by. Good people doing Good things. Living in alignment with their values, not in some pie in the sky way but in real and tangible ways. It's so easy to be derailed and distracted, I love that such inspiration is easily accessible.

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