A Meaningful Garden - Tricia ~ Little Eco Footprints

t's been a little quiet around here of late - I'm still fresh outta words, with our big move last month requiring some rest and settling in from it seems. But, I am still around and I'll be back with new posts soon enough.

For now though, I'd love to welcome this month's A Meaningful Gardener. Tricia (one of my favourite 'bloggers' and Instagrammers) writes at little eco footprints about living a slower, simpler, lighter life - and I adore both her words and her photos (check out the #anhourinthegardeneachday hash tag on Instagram!). She is someone I often turn to for how-to's and advice, and I've been loving watching her journey in Permaculture this year as she's undertaken a Permaculture Design Certificate. Tricia walks her talk, and I know you will be inspired by the way she works with her garden, rather than trying to force it into something it's not. 

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A Meaningful Garden - Strayed from the Table

Today's Meaningful Gardener is someone I am sure you have seen around the blogosphere, particularly if you are a gardener. Lizzie Moult blogs at Strayed From The Table about real food and practical living...although she's just shared some exciting news about expecting her second bub, and is taking a much deserved break from blogging - Congratulations Lizzie and Roy! While she might not be around her blog for the next little while, you can still catch her over on Instagram, @strayedtable

Lizzie is the founder of The Garden Share Collective, which is a monthly group of posts from bloggers and home gardeners across the world who share what has been happening in their gardens, sharing tips and support as well as beautiful photos for inspiration. I contacted Lizzie right back before I even started to blog to request to join, and have been sharing (usually every other month) ever since.

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The Garden Share Collective - October 2015

Oh, Hi Spring!  I'm always surprised by this time of the year in our part of Temperate Australia. One minute, it's winter, then next minute it's almost Summer. Last week, there was snow not too far away from us - next week, we are heading for over 30 degrees. Yikes! While that will likely be the end of the cauliflower plants in the patch, the summer-loving seedlings will be happy.

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A Meaningful Garden - Carly ~ Making Sense of Things

Welcome to this months A Meaningful Garden post. Carly from Making Sense of Things has written such a beautifully descriptive post, I challenge you to not feel like you are in her garden with her (and the stunning photos do help with that!).

I've been following Jean and Carly on Instagram and Facebook for a while now, and love the way that Carly captures their everyday moments. Her story below starts off in a way that is so similar to mine (well, minus the London and engineer bit anyway) and I love how she has woven the spirit of permaculture thoroughly into her beautifully productive garden.

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The Garden Share Collective {May 2015}

The past month has been a super slow one on the garden front, for a few reasons. We've had alot cooler weather, meaning the zucchinis, tomatoes and other frost sensitive plants have mostly packed up for the winter (well, the tomatoes are still hanging on, but there's nothing to do with them except pick them as you need them!). The eggplants are still producing, as are the capsicums - but to be honest, the mice are getting them before we are, so we've started to pull a wheelbarrow load each day to toss to our pigs (who are loving it, of course!).

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