A Meaningful Garden - Sophie Isobel Asher

Welcome to a very special post in the A Meaningful Garden series. When I had the idea for this series, I wanted to explore the idea that there was a vast variety of reasons WHY other greenthumbs were drawn to tending a garden. All the wonderful gardeners featured in the series so far have shown amazing diversity in their motivations and gardens a-like. The common thread that has emerged is that there is a connection to the garden that runs far deeper than a simple  grow, pick, eat relationship. Today's post speaks to the idea that gardens can be places of healing (a concept I plan to dive much deeper into later in the year in a special project I have brewing). 

Sophie Isobel Asher (you may know her from the wonderful blog of the same name, relaunched this week after many years as Her Library Adventures, and her gorgeous jewellery and homeware label Wilde Asher) is our Guest Gardener this week - and has written so beautifully about her experience of finding and nurturing a connection to Earth, a connection I hope everyone has the joy of experiencing. 

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