Is buying Organic always the best choice?

It’s a sunny Saturday morning. You stroll through your local farmers market, buying tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, mixed lettuce, watermelon, corn, all the summery veg, grown without chemical inputs and using sustainable practices. You’ve seen how it’s grown on the farmers website or a social media post or the open day they held where you visited the farm and came to understand how your food was produced just a little better. You carry your market basket crammed with delicious fresh food, that’s been grown and made in your local area knowing that your consumer dollar has supported a producer who is a wonderful steward of the land he or she is farming. You get home, unload your haul and end up with not a single bit of plastic going into the bin, because you’ve been able to take your own reusable bags and jars. With everything settled away, you sit back and feel just a teensy bit smug with how good a job you are doing at supporting local business, eating fresh organic food and saving the planet from plastic packaging…

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A Meaningful Garden - Tamsin's Table

Our A Meaningful Garden guest post today is such a delight to me. Many of you will know of Tamsin's Table, the beautiful kitchen and garden based venture of Tamsin Carvan in southern Victoria.

"A shared table. A rambling kitchen garden. A hilltop farmhouse, and 113 acres. Hands on cooking workshops and joyous seasonal lunches."

It's quite funny to me to be sharing Tamsin's story with you today - a few years ago, sitting in the tea room at my research job, I pulled a story out of the local paper about a woman who had moved to a property to be closer to her food and live a life more aligned with her priorities.

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You Can Farm - A Day with Joel Salatin

On Sunday just gone, the Husbo and I spent the day listening to the living legend that is Joel Salatin at his "You Can Farm" Melbourne workshop organised by the wonderful Milkwood Permaculture.  We've both been long-time supporters of Joel's philosophy on farming and the importance of good, clean food - his passion for supporting the small, ethical producer is a common thread running through his work and the arguments he presents around the downfalls of the modern industrialised food system are hard to pass off as the ramblings of a disgruntled small farmer. 

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