The Garden Share Collective {May 2015}

The past month has been a super slow one on the garden front, for a few reasons. We've had alot cooler weather, meaning the zucchinis, tomatoes and other frost sensitive plants have mostly packed up for the winter (well, the tomatoes are still hanging on, but there's nothing to do with them except pick them as you need them!). The eggplants are still producing, as are the capsicums - but to be honest, the mice are getting them before we are, so we've started to pull a wheelbarrow load each day to toss to our pigs (who are loving it, of course!).

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The Garden Share Collective {April 2015}

We're in the tumbledown days of Autumn, for reals now. The zucchini and tomatoes are crawling, and the early cauliflower (Violet Sicilian, a pretty purple that turns green when cooked) planted a few weeks ago has started to set fruit. There are leaves falling and overnight temps dipping below 10 degrees and the sheep are looking fat with bellies full of lambs. The sunsets are unreal, something about this season, because they were the same last Autumn too. 

The late summer and early autumn bounty has been rad. There's some figs to think about preserving in syrup, just one precious jar I think, as well as several dozen bottles of whole tomatoes boiled and waiting. Zucchini, beans, corn and squash are all blanched and frozen. A box of pears for me to poach in some syrup too, and a bag of candy-striped beetroots for pickling, as well as more chillis to pick and turn to chilli jam (my first jar, while delicious, cooled to a toffee-like lump...boiled for too long! How do I resurrect it?). 

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