A Meaningful Garden - The Tree Diaries

Welcome to a new A Meaningful Garden post! Today's Meaningful Gardener is someone who I stumbled on via my very favourite place, Instagram. Hannah Cooper writes a gorgeous blog, The Tree Diaries - I highly highly recommend popping over there if you love beautiful photography and want some garden inspo. I love that she calls their garden The Coopermarket, and I love that she is super real about the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to building a garden from scratch and growing at least some of your own food (if you've been drowning under an enormous weight of tomatoes, you'll enjoy this post - good advice Han!). 

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A Meaningful Garden - Tricia ~ Little Eco Footprints

t's been a little quiet around here of late - I'm still fresh outta words, with our big move last month requiring some rest and settling in from it seems. But, I am still around and I'll be back with new posts soon enough.

For now though, I'd love to welcome this month's A Meaningful Gardener. Tricia (one of my favourite 'bloggers' and Instagrammers) writes at little eco footprints about living a slower, simpler, lighter life - and I adore both her words and her photos (check out the #anhourinthegardeneachday hash tag on Instagram!). She is someone I often turn to for how-to's and advice, and I've been loving watching her journey in Permaculture this year as she's undertaken a Permaculture Design Certificate. Tricia walks her talk, and I know you will be inspired by the way she works with her garden, rather than trying to force it into something it's not. 

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A Meaningful Garden - Carly ~ Making Sense of Things

Welcome to this months A Meaningful Garden post. Carly from Making Sense of Things has written such a beautifully descriptive post, I challenge you to not feel like you are in her garden with her (and the stunning photos do help with that!).

I've been following Jean and Carly on Instagram and Facebook for a while now, and love the way that Carly captures their everyday moments. Her story below starts off in a way that is so similar to mine (well, minus the London and engineer bit anyway) and I love how she has woven the spirit of permaculture thoroughly into her beautifully productive garden.

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A Meaningful Garden - Tamsin's Table

Our A Meaningful Garden guest post today is such a delight to me. Many of you will know of Tamsin's Table, the beautiful kitchen and garden based venture of Tamsin Carvan in southern Victoria.

"A shared table. A rambling kitchen garden. A hilltop farmhouse, and 113 acres. Hands on cooking workshops and joyous seasonal lunches."

It's quite funny to me to be sharing Tamsin's story with you today - a few years ago, sitting in the tea room at my research job, I pulled a story out of the local paper about a woman who had moved to a property to be closer to her food and live a life more aligned with her priorities.

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A Meaningful Garden - The Life of Clare

Today's A Meaningful Garden guest is someone who I have followed and connected with online for a looong time. I found The Life Of Clare way back before I started a blog, and have loved it ever since. I love it when you find a blog and read it over a number of years, then look back and think about how that persons life has changed and evolved, and marvel at how it's possible for the time to have gone that quickly! Clare is a gal after my own heart, especially so with her dedication to knowing where her food comes from and doing her best to support local food producers. 

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