Slow Blogging and Your Help

Did you happen to see this fabulous post by Jodi over on Practising Simplicity on the concept of Slow Blogging? I really love the idea, and it's actually what I strive for. I don't stick to an editorial calendar, and the only constants in my blogging schedule are A Monthly List (in the last week of the month) and The Garden Share Collective (in the first week of the month). I try to post weekly, but sometimes it's a little less, sometimes a little more.

It's important to me that I post quality over quantity - and I don't want to make a chore out of something that brings me happiness. I don't often feel any anxiety over my posting frequency, just a subtle pull back if it's been awhile. I admire those bloggers who can write a post a day, and who nail what their audience wants every single time, though it's just not my pace or focus. I'm motivated to write here by two things - my desire to create, and my desire to be of service, to share a message, to educate, to inspire.

Things have changed alot in my external life the last few months - we've moved, downsized our income and our possessions, changed jobs, aligned more closely with who and where we want our lives to be. It's been scary, and it's been joyful. There is so much I could share with you, my wonderful readers - but I'd love to know,

How can I best serve you? 

What do you come here to learn?Is it about how to grow beautiful, abundant food? Design your garden space so it's easy to look after and works for you? Tips on how to live a more sustainable life and DIY recipes? How about a simple meditation practice or finding a daily rhythm?  

I'd love you to leave a comment below (or email me if you'd prefer) and tell me

What would you like to see posted about here on Think Big Live Simply?

Thank you my lovelies,  your feedback will help to make this space as useful and inspiring as it possibly can be... feel free to be as verbose or as succinct as you like!

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