The Simple Life {Castile Soap & Goats Milk}

I love products that are multi-use. Give me something that does more than one job, and I will think it rather clever. I've been playing with alternatives to common cleansers and cleaners for quite some time, and looking for ones that do a decent job without all the chemical fillers and excessive packaging. When I find something that works brilliantly, is multi-use, a gentle alternative AND handmade, you can bet I'm pretty happy about it.

Castile soap is made from olive oil, and other plant oils like coconut oil and palm oil. Castile soap has many, many, MANY potential uses - but for me, it's replaced our hand wash, dog wash, shower and toilet cleaner, general purpose soap and, for a while there, my facial cleanser as well (I use Hemp Oil now, but I'll save that for another post). I generally dilute it with water in a 30 - 40% Castile Soap, 70 - 60% water mix, and add in a few drops of essential oil like Tea Tree or Eucalyptus for that fresh smell. If I make a white oil solution for pests in the garden like aphids or scale, I'll also used it in place of dishwashing liquid. As a side note, I have tried it as a replacement for our dishwashing liquid and my shampoo, but found I didn't like it for either - personal preference though, so I'd encourage you to try it and see if it suits your needs! Castile soap doesn't 'foam' in quite the same way modern liquid soaps do, due to the lack of surfactants in it, so it can take a little to get used to (my rule of thumb is the less foam, the less chemical, the better!), but I promise you it's doing the job.

Castile soap made by Robyn's Soap House in Victoria ticks all the boxes, and I'm pretty sure it'll remain a staple here for quite some time. I found Robyn's Soap House online when searching for locally made Castile Soap, and have found it to be the softest and gentlest Castile I've tried. I buy it in 1L bottles, and they generally last a good few months. It has just 3 ingredients - Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Palm Oil (sustainably sourced, of course!) - I love the absence of a huge list of ingredients and numbers.  I also buy her Goats Milk soap, which is gorgeous - the bars are large, last a looong time, and are perfect for people like me who have easily irritated skin. There are several other brands of Castile Soap readily available in health food shops and pharmacies, and they are not all created equally - make sure you test out a couple to find the one you like.

Simple, local, sustainable. Three of my favourite things. Tell me, have you tried Castile Soap before?

*This is not a sponsored post – I purchased the product after finding it myself, and am promoting it because I think it’s both useful and sustainable. And I love to support local, small businesses that are actually working to make a difference*