Pondering A Simple Year..

Have you seen some subtle marketing floating around about this new ecourse, a simple year? I'm considering signing up. The concept makes me go 'hell yes!' while at the same time wondering about the irony of enrolling in a course to teach me about simplicity, thereby complicating the concept of simplicity in the process....but still. It's got a great line-up of 'simplicity' experts, all of whom I either currently or have previously read.

I've been thinking about 2014, and about how it seems to hold the promise of great change in my life - change that will result in real and lasting shifts in how my husband and I live as a family. We'll probably be moving into a much smaller home - our place now is smaller than your average 3 bedroom home already - and we'll be shifting to a much smaller income too. Simplification next year is going to happen as a necessity, whether I'm ready to embrace it or not so it's serendipitous that I am totally on-board and beyond enthusiastic about it. It's gotten me thinking about paring back our possessions even further, and about what other areas of life I can apply the same consideration to. Some of it will happen naturally as a result of our change in circumstance, but some of it will be less obvious and probably a little more painful. Like not having access to broadband internet (bye bye Apple TV, Ekhart Yoga on demand and being able to upload blog posts on a whim), a medical centre  or a corner shop for some forgotten milk.

I've got to admit, as excited about 2014 as I am, I can't help but heed that little pit of trepidation in the pit of my stomach too. Stepping outside my comfort zone is pushing my buttons and I've been questioning exactly how committed to this Live Simply thing I am. It sounds amazing, in theory, to be stripped back to only what I love, or need - indeed I survived just fine living overseas for 6 months with only a suitcase, and there is definite freedom in losing attachment to stuff. I adore the ideals behind living intentionally, and while I'm certainly not a minimalist with only 100 possessions, I truly get a kick out of paring it all back. But when I think about applying a veil of simplicity across other areas of my life, I feel a little bit wobblier. How will I go with without work and digital 'clutter' in my head? How will it feel to remove some of the complexity in my life, and to have to get comfortable and intimate with myself without all the distractions? I have a feeling it is going to be simultaneously confronting, and freaking amazing.

2014, I am ready for you. I am so grateful that I'll have this space, and all of you, to share it with.

Has life ever delivered you what you've been asking for in a package that wasn't quite what you imagined?