A Meaningful Garden - 13 Acres

I'm so excited to share today's {A MEANINGFUL GARDEN} post with you - it's from someone whose journey I have followed from city to country and watched as her and her family have built a stunning, decidedly modern, eco-friendly home complete with veggie patches and now, a new family of chookies! Meet the beautiful Brenda, from 13 Acres (although you totally already follow her, right?). Brenda is a wife, a mum, a freelance photographer, crafter and gardener. Her, her husband Lou and their two gorgeous kids swapped a city life for a country one recently and moved onto 13 beautiful acres to live life more gently on the earth and develop a relationship with where their food comes from. I love to see transformations like this, people taking active steps towards changing their lifestyle to be more aligned with living a sustainable and wholehearted life. I mentioned to Brenda in an email the other day that I am very envious of her efforts into preserving her summer bounty - her gorgeous garden has produced so wonderfully in it's very first season.

When we first made plans for our future on 13 Acres the major topic of conversation revolved around the garden. The excitement about having room to grow veggies for our family all year round was palpable.  That was our goal from the very moment we bought this land and as the time drew near to make the move from city to country permanent, it was no surprise that the first project we embarked on was the garden.  A simple structure with rabbit proofing essential and then the planning and planting stage.  I must admit, we moved at a great time, just at the end of winter, the beginning of Spring….the most amazing time to start planting.

What I think I overlooked was the emotional connectedness that soon became apparent to every member of our family in relation to our humble veggie garden.   Now seven months on and we all feel ownership, pride and happiness that our time, our strength and our endurance can manufacture the perfectly imperfect produce that grows within our garden.

My heart sings when my children run from plant to plant to inspect its progress, their beaming faces of delight when they have discovered a hidden zucchini, or harvested a fresh snow pea ready for eating then and there.  And not just the veggies, my son is very proud of his beloved sunflowers and checks them daily with pride.

Our preserving pantry is growing steadily.  What cannot be consumed immediately is preserved for later in the year.  The freezer is stocked with zucchini soup, the pantry will dill pickles, green tomatoes, and chilli chutney.

Most of the time we are in our garden as a family, its meaning is so much more than the produce it provides.  It brings us together, it nourishes us in the most pure form, and it has not travelled miles to be here.   Our garden is a place to interact as we talk about our day while tending to the weeds or filling our basket with produce.  It is a play space for my children but also an environment filled with learning for all of us.   It is a place that harnesses our abilities to create and to marvel at nature.

With every failure there is learning, and with every success there is joy. A meaningful garden is much more than a place to grow food.  It is a way of life for us here on 13 Acres.

You can connect with Brenda over on her blog 13 Acres, on Instagram and Facebook - if you are looking for a regional Victorian getaway, you can even stay at Brenda's sweet little apartment, Clementine, in the heart of gorgeous Beechworth.