A March List...

My monthly list for March is linking up with the lovely Brenda over on 13 Acres - I'm reflecting back this month on what I've achieved and aspired to around sustainability and living simply, and the resources I've found throughout the month too. Sometimes it is so easy to get lost along the way, distracted or diverted - but it always comes back to these motivators, tucked safely in my back pocket {and in my heart!}.

making : homemade bronzer and toothpaste. Have you tried it yet?

cooking : the last of the cherry tommies - in the freezer ready for pizza.

drinking :  Soda water from the SodaStream. A controversial purchase when I'm actively shrinking my kitchenware, but one I use daily. Plus, it keeps alot of bottles out of the recycle bin.

reading : Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter. {I love the term Urban Farmer}.

wanting : To focus more on minimising my supermarket buying. Making and baking more, changing our habits, buying in bulk...I already do alot of this, but still rely so heavily on the supermarkets. This will become a focus over the coming months.

looking: With abit of sadness at my garden - I will miss it.

sowing : Italian Parsley, Peas and Turnips yesterday at a Kitchen Gardening workshop at my local TAFE.

enjoying : Letting go of YET MORE STUFF. Shrinking our 3 bedroom home to fit into a much smaller space has been infinitely easier and more joyful than I thought it would be.

waiting : For the 4th of April. It's moving day, baby!

liking : This post by The Minimalists about neither money nor poverty buying happiness. It's true - you can love a simple life while still appreciating money!

wondering :  About broad beans - I've been given some seeds, but never grown them before. Any advice?

loving : The market garden masterclass I attended at Allsun Farm this month, hosted by the ever wonderful Milkwood Permaculture. It's been nearly a year since my first Milkwood course, and how my life has changed!

hoping : That integrating our chickens into our garden rotation results in better soil, happier chookies and NO happy foxes!

marvelling : At the resilience of my sourdough starter - he puts up with all my neglect and just bounces back.

wearing :  Autumnal layers - gosh I love an autumn wardrobe. The best bit has been sending clothes that I no longer love to the charity shop and enjoying the things I do have alot more.

following : Some more InstagramInspiration. {So much of my inspo comes from Tassie these days...telling me something perhaps?}

noticing : The leaves of the apple tree starting to fall - coupled with the shorter days, a sure sign summer is about to be forgotten.

knowing : How to control 'Damp Off' when raising seedlings - spray the soil over freshly planted out seeds with cooled camomile tea and sprinkle with cinnamon. A gentle alternative to chemical fungicide!

thinking : Alot about systems and processes and soil and seeds and seedings and chickens and snails and all those other things you think about when you put your focus on food growing. I love it.

bookmarking : This page - I can see this book in my future.

opening : A package of wooly goodness - legwarmers for your arms. The 80's baby in me is THRILLED! I love that they are made locally and ethically.

giggling : At the 'bloopers' at the end of this video on keeping backyard chickens by Jess Ainscough. Well done Jess for spreading the message of growing veggies and keeping chickens to so many.

feeling : Motivated by this post by Rohan. Harsh, but fair he always reminds me I can keep doing better.

Thanks March, you were gone before I knew it but sweet while you lasted!  Don't forget to head over and check out Brenda's Weekly Reflections!

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here} - thanks Pip!