A January List…

January is almost done - I am afraid this year will fly by like the last. Time to zero in on some goals, and make every choice count. The trick will be to keep a firm grip on where I want to go, while still letting go of the need to control how I get there. A delicate balance, I think. I hope your January has been a gentle transition into the new year (and that you didn't melt).

Making : Basil Pesto - is there any better smell than fresh Basil?

Cooking : Anything that contains zucchini. She's a-growin!

Drinking : Soda water for the fizzy kick.

Reading: The Secret History by Donna Tartt. It was FABULOUS.

Wanting: To get these gorgeous tarot cards to fulfil my 2014 intention of learning to read tarot (random, but why not?).

Looking: At the rain falling - a sweet relief.

Playing: 90's Trivial Pursuit, where I get my butt kicked every game.

Deciding: On what stays and what goes - the big declutter month challenge in A Simple Year is very timely.

Wishing: I hadn't eaten so much choc chip cookie dough.

Enjoying: the peace and calm of an empty house.

Waiting: February 1st when a new chapter starts!

Liking: Lots of photos in this Instagram Feed - Canada, you are calling me.

Wondering: Where 2014 will take me. Beyond ready and beyond excited.

Loving: The look of Jodi Wilson's newly branded site - beautifully simple.

Pondering: Whether to apply...

Considering: All the many training options out there and how to narrow down my interests?!

Watching: The entire first season of The Bridge {Danish version}. Brilliant, cannot wait for Season 2.

Hoping: The weather just calms it down a little - the wild swings are not good for my garden.

Marvelling: At how utterly illogical and selfish some people can be. I didn't think of myself as naive, but maybe I am.

Wearing: More colour and pattern than I ever have before.

Following: A new blog on Bloglovin' - lucent imagery - beautiful photos and a simple feel, right up my alley.

Noticing: The days getting shorter ever so slightly.

Feeling: Butterflies.

Admiring: The ability of my husband to just jump into something new and give it his all.

Sorting: Clothes - 2014 is the year I'm only going to have clothes that I love {which means lots will go}.

Buying: VSCO presets when they were on sale.

Getting: Excited about lunch with a couple of beauties.

Disliking: The tiredness and lethargy that has swept over me lately. Just trying to honour it and chill out.

Opening: Gas bills that make me smile, because they are so much lower than last years.

Giggling: Listening to my neighbours cute and cheeky one year old. Such a little cracker.

Feeling: So very grateful to be surrounded by some amazing women in this virtual world - inspired and supported.

See you next week for a Garden Share Collective update my lovelies - anything you want me to specifically let you in on?