International Permaculture Day + A Giveaway to Celebrate!


This time a year ago I was just home from Hobart, where I'd spent two gorgeous weeks studying at UTAS (University of Tasmania) in Sandy Bay. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these two weeks pretty much changed the course of my life. Big statement, I know.

I'd taken a leap of faith and dropped a big ol' bundle of money on flights, car hire and accommodation (as well as the course cost) and taken off at a really inconvenient time in my life and work to immerse myself wholly in the world of Urban Permaculture Design with these wonderfulfolk. I'm still not sure exactly why I enrolled - in fact, I withdrew from another course I'd enrolled in specifically so I could be free to do this one - but after the first day, I could have cried with gratitude that I had finally found something that encapsulated all the things I love.You see, I didn't really know much about 'Permaculture' before this course, and I certainly didn't realise there was a 'thing' that described exactly how I wanted to live in the world.

Permaculture is smart. It is integrated. It is forward thinking, and at it's core it is a far cry from the hippy, earth hugging stigma that is often attached to movements around sustainability and green living (not that there is anything wrong with some hippy, earth hugging!). Here is a resource you can check out that gives a quick intro to the essence of Permaculture by one of its founders. To me, Permaculture is thinking about the world as a system that you have a place in rather than as a pyramid with you at the top; it's considering the world as the intricate ecosystem it is, and respecting all parts of it. I love it, and I love living it and I love learning it.

I've procrastinated writing this post for months, because it's something I've found difficult to describe - Permaculture can mean many different things to people, you can take away parts of the teachings while leaving others - but seeing as Sunday 4th May is International Permaculture Day, what better time to post! There are many things going on around the globe to celebrate International Permaculture Day, check them out on the website I linked above. We'll be visiting a local market garden supplying organic, seasonal veggies to our local community, you can follow along on that visit with me on Instagram.

International Permaculture Day Giveaway!

Now, the fun stuff - to celebrate International Permaculture Day, I've got some goodies to giveaway! The lucky giveaway recipient will receive:

1// A hardcover copy of Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter, a fantastic memoir about growing food on vacant urban land. It's funny, and informative and reflects quite deeply on community. Not what I was expecting, and I loved it.

2// Another great book, A Slice of Organic Life - a brilliant collection of projects to help you live a more sustainable life, from growing food on your windowsill to homemade cleaners, to keeping chooks. Easy to understand, there is a project for everyone in between it's pages.

3// Gorgeous seeds and gift tag from Sow 'n Sow, a wonderful Melbourne based small business that I frequently purchase from. Their design and packaging is divine - and you can never have too many herbs!

4// A copy of the inaugural issue of Pip Magazine, Australia's very own Permaculture Magazine. Pip Magazine was launched in March after a successful crowd-funding campaign that exceeded it's target - the Permaculture community in Australia clearly wanted this baby at the printers!

5// And last, but not least - in honour of it being a whole year since Permaculture walked into my life, I'm giving away 1 hour of my time to the lucky winner of this giveaway. Yep, up to 1 hour for us to have a chat about your garden {or lack of garden!}, any questions you might have about how to make it more functional for you, problems you might be facing...anything in the garden design or growing realm. We can chat via Skype or phone (or keep it to email if you prefer) and if you have any really specific questions in mind you'll have a chance to email them to me prior to make the best use out of our time together. How much fun would that be?!


1. Leave me a comment below letting me know - "What interests you most about Permaculture?"

2. Get on my mailing list by entering your email in the form below, at the very top of the page or on the Subscribe page - the winner will be drawn and announced after 12pm (AEST) on Tuesday the 13th of May on Facebook and on my newsletter.

3. For extra-good ju-ju, share this giveaway around on social media - the more people exposed to Permaculture's awesomeness, the better I reckon.

GOODLUCK!   Remember, get on the mailing list and leave me a comment answering the question: "What interests you most about Permaculture?"

* This giveaway is only open to Australian residents due to the high cost of international postage - a thousand apologies to my international readers, I do love you! I promise the next giveaway I have will be more virtual, based resources and open to everyone.

* This is not a sponsored giveaway - the products mentioned above were purchased by me and will be sent to you via Australia Post. 

* Skype or phone session will be booked in at a time of mutual convenience - please note this is an informal consult, not a full design service.