How I use Essential Oils...


I've been using essential oils for many years now. I first started using Tea Tree oil as a teenager to dab on any spots, and discovered it's usefulness a few years later for removing sticky labels from jars as a thrifty uni student using old jam jars to store food. I added Eucalyptus oil to my household staples, diffusing it in an oil burner whenever sickness took hold and putting a few drops in a bucket with hot water and vinegar to mop the floor as a way to eliminate an extra chemical cleaner from the cupboard. A couple of years ago, we discovered we benefited from diffusing lavender before bed time to help with sleeplessness, and took to using it on bites and stings to reduce irritation. More recently, I introduced peppermint oil to my cupboard, adding it to home made toothpaste and chocolate, as well as inhaling it for an energy pick-me-up mid-afternoon. I even replaced synthetic perfumes with a divine essential oil blend after they started to give me itchy eyes and a runny nose. Oils have very gradually replaced many commercial and chemical alternatives in my home, and I can't really imagine ever wanting to go back. They have proven themselves time and time again to be an economical, safe, diverse and delicious smelling addition to my cleaning and beauty cupboard.  

A few of the other ways I've integrated essential oils into my life:

:: I use a couple of drops of an Athletic Blend (similar to Deep Heat for us Aussies!) in a massage oil to assist sore muscles.

:: I dab Frankincense oil under my eyes before bed and I swear it's helped the delicate skin during the cold weather.

:: I add Citrus oils and Clove to various home made cleaning products, like handwash and shower cleaner for their fresh scent and antibacterial properties.

:: I take a bottle of Peppermint oil with me on long car trips to inhale when I'm feeling weary. 

:: I diffuse a mixture of Lemongrass, Bergamot and Lime oil to mask lingering cooking smells.

:: I use a Citrus Blend or make my own with Lemongrass and Tea Tree to add to each wash. I add half a dozen drops to the calico bag that my soapberries go in and just throw it in. 

:: I've used a drop of oils like Lemon, Oregano and Basil to flavour dishes when cooking (always with caution though, these babies are concentrated and shouldn't be ingested in large amounts).

:: I've added Bergamot oil to a home made leather and furniture polish for it's delicious scent.

:: I've added a drop or two of Geranium oil to the Hemp Oil I use as a cleanser for it's ability to help balance sebum production in the skin.



These are just a few of the ways I use Essential Oils (there are so many more!). Integrating them into my life has made a huge contribution to my ability to live lightly, healthily and frugally - if you would like to learn more about them, I would love to support you in that. Email me with any questions you have!


Think Big is not a platform where I try to convince you to buy something you don't need.  I am affiliated with a particular brand of oils and I may receive a small commission on any sales made by referral - but I am foremost an advocate for simplicity and living lightly on the earth. If this stuff is not for you, don't stress - you can take it or leave it here!