The Garden Share Collective April 2014

Welcome to another month of The Garden Share Collective! I have to say straight up that I nearly didn't post this month as we are in the midst of moving and unpacking, but I enjoy being a part of it so much I couldn't help myself...

So yes, here we are in April - everything is benefiting from some much longed for rain, and the green tinge across the hills is rapidly gaining vibrancy with every hour of daylight that passes, or so it seems. In a word, beautiful. I've made no secret of the fact I adore Autumn, that special golden glow that's in the light and the creeping hint of cool are always such a sweet relief after the glare of summer. My garden and I are grateful for its gentler feel.

Which brings me to just that, my garden. Well, my garden is no longer my garden - on Saturday the keys to our home went to a tenant, who (I hope) will love living there as much as we have. Last weekend was spent tidying up the garden, and pulling out the last of the summer veg, even though it wasn't all done. Out came the zucchinis, beans and Pumpkin Delicata - and the much-supported volunteer pumpkin vine. We left much of my 'Zone 1' garden in place, with the basil, chilli, thyme, perpetual spinach and rainbow chard all still doing well. I pulled the Chocolate Mint also, although I'm sure it will pop up again before too long. I also added another layer to my No Dig veggie patch to revitalise it after the summer veg. I'm not gonna lie, it was a bit sad, and I will miss that little space terribly...but the next adventure was calling and now here we are, looking after a market garden and permaculture kitchen garden, with 38 chooks at varying stages of youth and old age (they are my favourite part!). There will be post after post about it all I'm sure, but for now let me hit you with the basics while I'm finding my feet.

// Planting //

We are planting by the moon here, and it's a big planting month for our area...rocket, cabbage, salad mix, leek, parsley, spring onions, broccoli, broad beans, onions, turnips and swedes. Plus, green manure in beds tired from summer production - definitely needed for the tomato beds!

// Harvesting //

Chillies, chives, tomatoes, zucchinis, green apples, corn (abit of a failure unfortunately - anyone else have terrible pollination this year?), eggplant, capsicum, peppers, eggs, eggs, and more eggs.

// To Do //

This list is vast - number one on my list is to purchase a Soil Blocker to use to grow our seedlings in, which I used on a recent trip to Allsun Farm. Have you ever used one? I think it will be wonderful to get seedlings to a decent size in the glasshouse before planting out. Other things on the list include planting out seedlings of broccoli, Chinese cabbage, beetroot, spring onions, leek, lettuce and Pak Choy, weed and mulch the garlic crop which was planted last month and is just starting to poke it's head through, and weed, weed, weed all the other beds. And that's just the first half of this week!

So you can see the flavour of my GSC posts are going to change a little from now on - but I hope you'll keep coming back to visit me and all the other wonderful Collective bloggers. Thanks to Lizzie Moult at Strayed From The Table for hosting this round up - and goodluck this month for the arrival of a new family member!

The Garden Share Collective is a monthly collection of posts collated by Lizzie over at Strayed from the Table from gardeners across the globe, sharing their veggie patches, potted gardens and windowsill herbs…Go and check it out! “Creating a monthly community to navigate through any garden troubles and to rival in the success of a good harvest we will nurture any beginner gardener to flourish. Each month we set ourselves a few tasks to complete by the next month, this gives us a little push to getting closer to picking and harvesting. The long-term goal of the Garden Share Collective is to get more and more people gardening and growing clean food organically and sustainably.”