From Sunshine to Snow



Aaaand, I'm back. The past month has been epic. Moving, a late night car breakdown, a 4000km 3 week road-trip through sunshine and snow, a wedding, and many catch ups along the way. I've made no secret of my love of a good road-trip in the past, and this one delivered in spades. We visited our favourite place (the Snowy Mountains NSW) at both ends of the trip, and what a difference 3 weeks makes! What was sunny and glorious weather became winter white on the way home. On a side note, I can highly recommend a visit in either circumstance, with lunch at the Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery for some authentic Austrian fare - the Reuben Sandwich was delish, along with a cheeky Sour Apple Schnapps on the rocks. 

After two big days in the car and a few new-to-me roads, we arrived to our beautiful AirBnB accommodation in Bangalow. The Byron area has been high on my To Visit list for years, and I was so looking forward to exploring it. We had beautiful weather and, apart from school holiday traffic jams into town (uuumm, what's up with that Byron?), loved our 4 nights there. It is truly as beautiful as everyone described, and we were completely in love with the countryside and the views. I also was not disappointed by the common thread of local, organic/chemical free and ethical food - even the little supermarket in Bangalow stocked local meats and cheeses. We visited popular places such as The Farm at Byron Bay (the vision of this place is fantastic, and to see people hanging over fences captivated by pigs in mud was SO wonderful. The more we can tangibly connect people to where their food comes from, the better our food future will be - and, pigs are awesome) and Harvest Cafe (where they grow it themselves or source locally from ethically committed farmers - check out their kitchen garden in the photo 6th from the top), and were seriously impressed to see both concepts being heartily embraced and packed to the rafters.  We visited the local Stone & Wood Brewery for a taste test of the local craft brew and found a quiet little haven at Folk on the outskirts of Byron, that was blessedly empty when we arrived and served delicious coffee and the best meals of the trip. A trip to the Byron Farmers Market yielded a plethora of fresh local produce and, again, delicious coffee! We meandered our way up to the Lighthouse via a enchanted forest-like pathway (thank you Vienda Maria for the tip - it was quiet and cool and delicious) and were rewarded with 4 separate Whale pods hanging out off the coast. I could have stayed for another week, truly - to be honest, I could have just moved into our little eco-cabin accommodation and stayed permanently!

We spent the next week heading further north to Noosa for a beautiful wedding and making our way back South staying with various friends and family along the way (thank you!). I finally understand the attraction of a Queensland winter - crisp nights, warm days and gorgeous light. Our final trip home was delayed a little due to snow cutting roads, but hey, it was worth the wait. The snow was stunning and silent and still and every bit as beautiful as a Queensland beach or the rolling Byron hinterland. Australia, you're doing alright.

So, now that we're settled and forming a new normal for the next few months, it's back to regular posting and bringing to life a few ideas that have been on hold - a micro-course and audios about how to design and make the most of your own growing space, anyone? What about some wonderful posts for the A Meaningful Garden series? And more 'How To' type posts for simplifying your home, life and garden? 

Yep? Ok, let me see what I can do...


In the mean time, tell me - what have you been up to?