A February List...

February, phew! What a month. I've had a foot in my old life and a foot in my new one and I've just been trying not to over-balance. I can taste freedom on the tip of my tongue and it's both bitter and sweet - it can be so hard to let go can't it? I'm looking forward to writing more about everything that's happening really soon - including the craziness that is packing up our 3 BR home and moving into a 1 BR cabin!

I can't wait to see where 2014 ends up, so many possibilities and so much to learn. But first, February.

making : a bookcase out of old bee boxes {got the local bee man on the job looking for abandoned boxes for me}.

cooking : almond and plum tart. So delicious.

drinking : soda water from my new SodaStream {it’s been a revelation I tell you!}.

reading : Everything That Remains by The Minimalists.

wanting : to make a new {tiny} home.

looking : at crispy yellow paddocks fringed by shrinking dams – glad summer is drawing to a close, can’t wait for frosty morning air and grey days.

playing : catch up – I think I’m finally getting there.

wasting : time and energy in indecision - culminating in a decision, at least!

sowing : Honey Locust and Kurrajong seeds -  it’s like a little tree nursery in the hot house right now.

wishing : for time to both speed up and slow down.

enjoying : a little too much sugar since Christmas – it’s been awhile since I’ve been so ensnared.

waiting : for the end of March, when it'll be full on launching into our new life.

liking : where my head is at – life feels full with potential, the right blend of unknown and control {although there is still the occasional shaky moment}.

wondering : what my new routine will look like. Or if I’ll even have one.

loving : the detachment I’m feeling to a lot of our stuff – it feels good to be hanging onto only what is needed or loved.

hoping : that sneaky plans for a little office space work out.

marvelling : at how quickly we’ve gotten to Autumn – only a few more days.

needing : to nut out my Core Desired Feelings {Update: Presence, Spacious and Joyful. YES}.

smelling : the old waft of the couch I’m sitting on.

wearing :  Blundstones and a smile.

following :  The new blog by one of my Permaculture inspirations  – Goodlife Permaculture. Hannah was the lead teacher for the Permaculture Design Certificate I completed last year in Hobart, and is generally just one of those gorgeous, lovely 'do-ers'. She's pretty awesome.

noticing : how well my other half and I can work as a team.

knowing : shit will hit the fan at some point in a certain situation – it ain’t gonna be pretty. You know when you can see the train wreck coming, but can do nothing to stop it? Yep, that.

thinking : about my guiding word for the year – PLAY – and how nice it is to think ‘Why not?’.

bookmarking : The membership page for this Grow Organic Food in Pots course to come back to later. Looking forward to more of Nics' wisdom.

opening : emails with messages from new friends and new mentors.

giggling : at my dog, at least a few times a day.

feeling : happy and grateful. I’m never doubting that things will work out just right again.

I really enjoy writing these lists - it makes me 'Take Stock' of the month that was and appreciate the little things. What was one thing you want to appreciate from February? Let me know in the comments x