Inspiring Reads #3

A new Inspiring Reads post for you this week - with links I've stumbled across in the last month or so and enjoyed. I particularly loved The Moral Bucket List and Meat Reality Day by Clare (who you'll see in an upcoming A Meaningful Garden post soon!), as well as the interview with Alex Olsen (second from the bottom) - a gorgeous and refreshing soul.

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Inspiring Reads #2

The last Inspiring Reads post I shared was such a hit with you guys that I thought I'd keep compiling them and share one every now and then - I'm enjoying keeping a record of the interesting things I come across, and in the absence of a Facebook page for Think Big (I closed it down last year to stay in alignment with my desire to keep everything simple) I feel this is a good alternative.

As always, leave a link to anything you've read recently that you'd like to share in the comments below :)


PS. I was recently interviewed by the lovely Kaye at A Teaspoon Half Full for her A Nourishing Garden series. I wrote about how I started my food growing journey, how it affects my life and my health, the practices we use to grow and I share a favourite recipe of mine too. I'd love for you to head over a check it out. Thanks for having me Kaye!


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Inspiring Reads

After taking some time away from the computer and unsubscribing to pretty much everything late last year, it's taken me awhile to get back in the habit of intentionally reading other blogs and sites. I love to stay connected to what's happening and to widen my perspective by reading about the often very cool things that are going on. I thought I'd share some interesting reads I've bookmarked recently, so that you can check them out too (and provide a little escapism at the start of the week).

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