An October List...

making : sourdough bread with a newly converted starter {from rye to white – thanks for the advice Brydie!}

cooking : lots of fish – a la the Mediterranean diet.

drinking :  dandelion root and chicory tea. I adore this stuff.

reading : Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda – surprisingly easy and entertaining. I just finished The Great Cholesterol Myth and I highly recommend anyone who still believes that saturated fat is a baddie read this…

wanting : to go curl up on the couch with the afore mentioned book.

looking: I've spent the last couple of weeks looking at a number of gorgeous logo options, designed by the wonderful Monika at MbCaptured. I finally chose the one you see up there now - her design skills and my photo. I'm quite in love with it!

playing : new {to me} tunes from London Grammar & Lorde. Obsessively, on repeat.

sowing : beans, cucumber, rainbow chard - for a more thorough garden tour, see my Garden Share Collective post next week.

wishing :  that the weekend was always longer than 2 days {and knowing it's within my power to make it so, if I'm brave enough}

enjoying : Green & Blacks 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. I can't handle milk chocolate anymore, I'm a bitter 'n dark girl all the way.

waiting : STILL waiting for news that might mean a big move. I'm learning patience.

liking : the Elizabeth Peru Facebook Page - lots of insightful information about what's going on with the astrological world above our heads. Mercury retrograde and solar eclipses have made for a perfect time to re-assess and re-align apparently. Ever since witnessing the positive effects of planting using the moon phases as a guide, I'm a little more inclined to think there's something more to all this stuff than star signs and full moon crazies!

wondering : how long can I hold my spinach off from bolting to seed? Why isn't 'perpetual spinach' actually, you know, perpetual?

loving : watching the whole first series of River Cottage Australia in three days. Showcasing a beautiful part of Australia that we'll be calling home sometime soon, it's fair to say I'm addicted and can't wait for the second and third series.

hoping : the fire crisis in NSW is really under control now. It's heartbreaking to see communities being torn open and lives being lost again to bushfire. As a country we need to look at how to mitigate these impacts into the future - we live in such a flammable environment.

marvelling : at how quickly the french radish seeds I planted shot up. Literally about 3 days.

needing : to practice some asanas. My back is telling me I've been slack lately.

smelling : lavender every time I go into the bedroom, thanks to a oil burner with lavender oil I burn each nigh before bed. So restful.

wearing :  a gorgeous new spring-inspired purchase (or two. Ooops).

following : some new and some old blogs again. I wax and wane with blogs sometimes, bouncing between inspired and overwhelmed.

noticing :  the encroaching summer in the crisping grass and the early awakening of the sun.

knowing : that a catch up with these twoladies in a couple of months will be soul inspiring.

thinking : about Christmas pressies and all the festivities - 2013, where did you go?

bookmarking : lots of pages in River Cottage Veg {also a la the Mediterranean Diet}

opening : wedding and birthday party invitations. A New Years wedding to look forward to!

giggling : over this You Tube clip. Seriously, watch it.

feeling : hopeful and inspired.

What about you guys? How was October for you?

See you next week for The Garden Share Collective!

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here}