An August List....

{The last leaves clinging to the apple tree} 

The change of the seasons is definitely about to hit emerge - spring is starting to hint that she's not too far off. I'm being reminded again what a beautiful part of the world we live in. We've had good winter rain, the dams are full, the gardens are soggy and the grass on the hills is positively neon. Bring it on spring. Bring it on. My garden and I are ready for you.

List sourced from Pip @

making : home made toothpaste from coconut oil {for its antifungal properties}, bicarb soda {naturally whitening} and peppermint essential oil.

cooking : chicken noodle soup {from here}.

drinking : water with a dash of apple cider vinegar.

reading : Stillness Speaks {Eckhart Tolle} …not hitting me as much as The Power of Now did.

wanting : to keep some things the same; to change others.

looking : out the window at the potted lemon/lime tree in the sunshine.

playing : Solace {Xavier Rudd}.

wasting : too much of my precious time in limbo.

sowing : seeds for summer – basil, tomato, spring onion, pumpkin, kale, celery.

wishing : for a mild summer.

enjoying : an unplanned free afternoon.

waiting : for some news that might mean a big move.

liking : the idea of a life less ordinary for awhile.

wondering : if our lovely friends will be visiting next weekend.

loving : distilling my life {slowly} down to what feels good only.

hoping : that someone special gets some good news on the job front.

marvelling : at how quickly the days are stretching out – all of a sudden there’s still daylight enough for walks after work.

needing : to make some choices soon.

smelling : lemon in the oil burner.

wearing :  less layers than a fortnight ago.

following : thought-provoking words here and words that motivate me here.

noticing : that I’m more tired than I’d like to be.

knowing : things are going to work out exactly as they should be.

thinking : thatI'll meditate after I post this. I use this meditation - it is long, but beautiful.

bookmarking : yet more books to buy.

opening : a freshly delivered magazine.

giggling : with my love. Always.

feeling : content.