A September List

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{farmers market blooms / Queen B / a floral themed birthday}

The month of September was beautiful. We had two birthdays in this house, and there is nothing I love more than an excuse to spoil and be spoilt! The days are stretching out, and the fickle spring weather has lived up to expectations. I've been busy planting and planning, and I can't wait to share some of it with you soon. This month has bought with it mixed news - or rather, news that could be taken as good or bad. I'm choosing to look to the positive. It's a mindset that I've worked hard to manifest over the last year, and it makes life so much easier. I'm done with always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. All I've got is right now, and I'm going to choose to enjoy it. {*most of the time. I still get grumpy, it just lasts for a shorter period...}

making : a Pinterest moodboard for a blog revamp {already!}

cooking : boiled blood orange and olive oil cake.

drinking :  a glass of heavy red now and then.

reading : You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

wanting : to get a haircut.

looking : at the apple tree with it’s pretty spring foliage.

playing : these ‘Meditones’ – they work, seriously.

wasting : nothing much.

sowing : seeds to plant out in my no-dig veggie patch - details coming to this space soon!

wishing : it wasn’t so blustery out.

enjoying : having an unemployed husband (jobs getting done! A clean car! A happy man).

waiting : for some news that might mean a big move. {still}.

liking : the month that was. Two birthdays and trip home. Chilled out and happy.

wondering : what keeps eating my baby basil!

loving : my beautiful friends new ebook.

hoping : working with this lady over the next three months will help.

marvelling : at how much has changed.

needing : to go pick my two lovely heads of cauliflower out of the garden.

smelling : Bliss. {it’s divine}

wearing : this beautiful pendant, a birthday gift.

following : my intuition.

noticing : how dirty our windows are!

knowing : I may have let a good friend down this weekend...but that she'll forgive me.

thinking : about what really matters to me. {for the record – a simple beautiful life, full of love, gardens, people and space}.

bookmarking : these inspiring pages {here & here}.

opening : beautiful, thoughtful gifts. I was a spoilt girl.

giggling : about the absurdity of working for government.

feeling : pretty darn happy. patient. full of love for the future.

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here}