A November List...

making : this Rosemary Wreath for our front door.

cooking : boiled orange and poppyseed cake (so. good.)

drinking :  rooibos tea and soda water {not together, obvs}

reading :  the most heart-rending, thought-provoking and frightening book I've read in a long time - Kinglake 350 by Adrian Hyland. I am immeasurably grateful that I was not anywhere near Melbourne on that day. If you live in a bushfire-prone area, you need to read this book.

wanting :  several more hours in each day, so that I can spend it reading. I'm really loving hanging out between the pages at the moment. {I'm sensing a theme emerging here..}

looking: at my zucchini plants resiliently flowering despite a devastating snail invasion - more on that in Mondays post...

playing : tunes through Spotify - I can't believe this has been going on without me for so long.

sowing : seeds ofWild Rocket {my fav} and Flat Leaf Parsley.

wishing : for rain, pretty please.

enjoying : temperatures in the mid-20s - if only Summer didn't get any hotter than this...

waiting : impatiently to pull our garlic crop out of the ground.

liking : this YouTube video, a mashup of some of the modern wisdom of Russell Brand - the guy is either totally off his head or a revolutionary. Time will tell.

wondering : where I'll be blogging from in 6 months time.

loving : feeling like part of a blogging community - thank you for your comments and 'follows', you have made my year.

hoping : to get something in writing, soon.

needing :  to make some decisions about the future... "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...".

smelling :  the hundreds of Jasmine flowers on the vine in the courtyard. Divine.

wearing :  lots of blue this month.

following : a crazy number of new blogs thanks to the group of talented bloggers I've been doing Blog With Pip with. Her next course is starting in February - it's been so much fun, so informative and I have enjoyed being immersed in the enthusiasm of the group for all things bloggy {also, Pip is an absolute sweetheart, and so available for help during the course - it is worth the course fee for that alone!}

noticing : how long the days are now - and realising it's less than a month until Summer Solstice.

knowing : that this digital magazine curated by Brooke from Slow Your Home will be well worth the purchase - check it out!

thinking : constantly. Maybe that's why I am enjoying escaping into books at the moment!

bookmarking : Danielle LaPortes website - a whole new site going live on Dec 3rd. It will be simple and profound, I'm sure.

opening : so many parcels of online shopping for family pressies - I so rarely bother going to shops anymore.

giggling : at those collections of AutoCorrect Fails that seem to float around on Facebook from time to time. Can you relate?

feeling : excited - 3 weeks til Christmas!

I hope your November was restful enough to prepare you for the onslaught of December - remember to enjoy it, ok?

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here}