A Cup of Tea with Me

Happy Hump Day! Today I'm linking up with the wonderful Pip Lincolne over on her blog Meet Me At Mikes doing 'A Cup of Tea with Me' - I recently finished up Pip's Blog with Pip course where I met a fantastic group of other bloggers who are all in various stages of blog-world, from just starting out to already well established with big audiences. Pip suggested in our Facebook group that we do a little Interview post on our blogs and link back to her - an interview with ourselves, if you will.

So, here's my interview, short and sweet for the middle of the week.

1. name, state and a bit about what you do on a daily basis

Rebecca Shann, Victoria. I'm a research scientist by day, Simple Living Lover and Garden Nerd by night. There's more about me over here.

2. favourite things to do

I love to read! I love to write too, and I love to hang out in my garden. I love to take photos, and I love to look at beautiful views. I also love to bake all manner of stuff, but especially sourdough (a skill in progress..)

3. favourite place to be

I'm a home-body, and love almost nothing more than to have a whole weekend stretched out in front of me with no plans, and all the freedom in the world to do whatever I please. My fav places to visit would have to be the Snowy Mountains and the Far South Coast of NSW. Wild and still a little bit untouched. I'm a big fan of Hobart too, and there is a special little hilltop overlooking the Irish Sea in Aberystwyth, Wales that will always have a little piece of my heart.

4. favourite things to eat/drink

Dandelion and chicory tea or soda water. My all time favourite meal is home made pizza - buffalo mozz with garlic and chilli prawns or roast veg and pesto...mmmm. I've never been known to turn down a tiramisu or my Mums apple pie either.

5. favourite inspirations

I think the thing that inspires me the most is peoples kindness. I tear up when I hear of people being kind to strangers - I mean, how beautiful is giving for no gain? One of my guiding principles in life is this quote

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle


6. something i want to know more about

Coming from a little left field, I'd love to learn to read Tarot Cards! And I've just seen a course advertised I'd love to attend about Biointensive Food Production that's got me intrigued too.

7. some favourite blogs

You can find some of my favourite places for inspiration under the I LOVE tab up above - there are so many I follow on Bloglovin' too. My firm favs right now are Stonesoup, Foxs LaneWhole Larder Love and Rowdy Kittens.

Head over to Pip's blog to check out the other Blog With Pip Students links! We are a diverse and lovely bunch.