A 2013 List....

I hope you had an amazing Christmas filled with all the good stuff - food, family, arvo kips and plenty of down time. I'm keeping this intro short and sweet today - I'm using my December List to reflect back on 2013, as we gear up for the New Year. 2014 - how the heck did that happen!?

I mentioned in my last post that 2014 is looking the goods for us, full of exciting opportunities and lots of change. I'm feeling entirely ready for it, especially after pondering all that happened in 2013.

SO, without further ado...

making : Sourdough bread. 2013 was the year I finally started a Sourdough Starter and kept it alive. Pepe, (as in 'Le Pew!'), is still going strong even though I've not baked any sourdough for a couple of months. I love how you can just chuck it in the fridge and come back to it later, with only a couple of feeds in between. I switched half way through the year from Rye to White, and not even that could kill him. Go Pepe! {Side note - thank you CityHippyFarmGirl for the sourdough Insty-ration. One day my Sourdough will look as amazing as yours.}

cooking : With alot less meat than in 2012. We introduced more fish and more veg, and cut back on grains abit on the advice of this lovely lady - and I am feeling a hundred times better for it. Of course, I ate my body weight in ham over Christmas, but it's back on the straight and narrow now.

drinking :  Two coffees, every morning {the second one is always the best}

reading : The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. This book came to me last year, and I couldn't get past the first 20 pages. This time, it hit me in my core. I've made a promise to myself that I will read it once a year, every year. A special mention goes to two other books that I loved in 2013 - Gone Girl {Gillian Flynn} and Wild {Cheryl Strayed}. Both these two deserve all the hype that was around them, and would make perfect holiday reading.

wanting : I've got to be honest here and say for all my aspirations for a simple life, I've often found myself wanting stuff this year. Thankfully, it's usually been something that at least enriches and expands me, even if only a little. Books, online courses, camera lens, real life courses, seeds...I'm putting it down to a shift in how I live my life and what my heart is pulling me towards. I've asked myself in each instance if it's something I truly want, and why. If the answers are heart driven, I've indulged with no guilt. Life has felt more genuine and somehow, sweeter.

playing : We had an actual mini-holiday this year...we stayed at Brogers End in Kangaroo Valley, NSW - a gorgeous little ex-dairy turned into eco-studio accommodation. The outlook was stunning. In fact, I realised that this size little place would actually be perfect for us, with perhaps another room with extra storage and a fold away bed for visitors. Food for thought...

wasting : Alot of time is limbo...except it wasn't wasted. I've learnt some valuable lessons this year, that wouldn't have happened if it weren't for that forced space. I've learnt to surrender the need to control the outcome, and to be excited about not knowing. It's been powerful and transformative and definitely something I'm going to speak more about here on the blog next year.

sowing : So much of everything! This year I started to grow plants from seed, and I can't think of anything more satisfying than picking food from a plant you've nurtured from a tiny seed. Most successful plants were tomato, spinach, kale, rocket and basil.

enjoying : Taking things down a notch in the exercise department. I used to be a 6 Day A Week Gym Girl. Now it's walk the dog and yoga. So much healthier for my mind, and my knees.

liking : Lots of other Pages from my new Facebook Page. I resisted a Page for the blog for awhile, I thought it would feel abit 'fake'. Happy to report I'm loving having a way to quickly share ideas and articles with you - thank you for your support!

loving : Writing. Starting this blog has truly been a game-changer for me. I've got big plans in 2014.

hoping : To see how my dreams could come to fruition {and realising I don't need to see 'how', I just need to know what, and take a single step at a time - a pretty liberating realisation}.

marvelling : At how setting intentions really, really does work. Be careful what you wish for peeps!

needing : Quite alot of alone time and space this year. There's been alot going on in my life and in my head, and I've needed to really turn inwards to process it and come to terms with it all. Sometimes life seems to push all your buttons at once! I really 'got' meditation this year, and I crave it if I take too many days away. Even 5 mins of mindful breathing has acted like a reset button for me. I discovered it wasn't at all about stopping your thoughts - rather, it's more about recognising them and letting them just be. This is something I'll write more about next year too.

smelling : Jasmine - this year we had an unbelievable amount of jasmine blooming in our courtyard, and the smell was intoxicating. Such a trigger for memories of long hot summer evenings.

wearing :  The BEST black skinny jeans ever. Made in Melbourne and worth the price tag.

following : So many new {to me} and wonderful blogs thanks to Blog with Pip. If you want to get a handle on this blogging business and are keen to learn from a {absolutely lovely} master at it, I highly recommend this course. Super good value. The once a week Facebook chats were a highlight!

noticing : The change in seasons and weather as a result of spending alot more time and effort in the garden this year growing food. We had a mild Winter, a long Spring and now a hot Summer. My garden has been a little smashed this month, but more about that next week.

knowing : Waaaay more now than I did at the start of the year about Permaculture. I completed a 2 week Permaculture Design Certificate earlier this year, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that it has changed the course of my life. It was one of those pivotal experiences that are so rare, and I knew from the first day it was exactly where my heart lies. You'll be hearing more about Permaculture from me - and if you ever have any questions or want help, please get in contact. I've got baby plans to offer some type of Permaculture Design service online next year, that's how much I love it!

thinking : About my intentions for this space. I was lucky enough to spend a little time working with a couple of really influential women this year - the beautiful Rach from In Spaces Between and Lucie D'Alessandro from Delvespot. Rach helped me with the nitty gritty of blogging - this woman is truly as effervescent in 'person' (Skype is kinda like in person now right?!) as she seems on her blog, and amazingly generous with her time and smarts. Not an investment I regret - girl has some serious intuition. And Lucie...well, I only found Lucie's blog a few weeks ago and I am completely enamoured by it. Poetic, yet real and raw. I had a Clarity session just before Christmas with her, and it truly changed something in my brain. I can see direction where before it was fuzz. I'm excited about next year, and feeling deeply connected to it - it feels GOOD. Thank you Lucie xx

bookmarking : As above - a bazillion blogs. I can't stop. I think I have a problem (like not enough time to visit them all!). Check out my profile on Bloglovin' to see who I'm following.

opening : Myself up. It's been a process, and it's been uncomfortable and sometimes I've felt like it's all a big waste of time, and not really real. But it is real - what's the point if you're not open to life? Being safe behind walls is comfy, but ultimately, lonely. Bring on the highs AND the lows I reckon.

giggling : Daily with my husband. I love that he reminds me not to take life too seriously.

feeling : Calmer and less 'owned' by my emotions - I can only attribute this to really devoting myself to a meditation practice. While it wasn't every day, it was still regular. Again, I'll write more about this next year.

Happy New Year my dears! Hope you are full of beans about 2014 - once again thank you so much for taking the time to check in here with me, I'm looking forward to bringing you some exciting new stuff next year. See you back here for the January Garden Share Collective next week xx

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here}