A November List...

So life, it seems, got kinda busy these last few weeks...turns out Spring in a market garden is hectic. I'll share a little more about that early next week with a new Garden Share Collective post, but for now, a little Monthly List might be in order...

making : Onion jam and mint oil, as inspired by this post (not together, obviously).

baking : This delicious rhubarb cake - our rhubarb is pumping right now.

drinking :  Sour Apple Schnapps from my favourite part of the world, with soda water and ice.

reading : The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris - this is my second time through, and I'm once again grateful to be reminded how to detach from negative emotions.

wanting : To read about a million books - funny how you discover them all at once!

looking: Out the window at the 2 black swans waddling their 3 fluffy grey cygnets over the road. So proud and protective.

sowing : Lettuce, beans, corn, beetroot and carrot seeds - the rush of spring planting is over, and the return to a gentler planting regime is welcomed!

enjoying : Starting a little earlier in the mornings. The summer rhythm has begun.

waiting : For my hard copy of 'High: A Party Girl's Guide To Peace' to arrive. Tara's words and story (especially in the audio version - her voice, divine) welled me up with tears and conviction more than a few times - so proud of you, my beautiful, inspiring friend.

liking : So many photos from this Instagram account - lighthouse living never looked so beautiful.

wondering :  If our battered broccoli plants will survive - planted WAY too late, hit with hot weather, aphids, cabbage moth and thrips, to say they are looking worse for wear would be, err, an understatement.

loving : This beautiful oil burner - love when function and form come together. Saving a few dollars here and there might be in order though...

hoping : The Nursery Project gets the support it needs - check it out here if you haven't already.

marvelling : At the wonderful new venture that's gone off with a bang for this lovely lady - start before you are ready, people! You never know the wonderful things that could happen.

wearing :  A considerable 'farmers tan'...

following : New and old blogs again - after a few months of retreating a little (lot) from the online world, I've been really loving reading and commenting on peoples posts again. It's been interesting how much I've missed everyone!

noticing : The almost immediate change in my attitude and happiness that happens when I take a few minutes to take my seat and still my mind each day.

thinking : Of a lovely friend on an important trip to Melbourne today.

pinning: Pictures of handmade kitchens and garden designs - two things I'm digging right now.  

opening : Emails from 'old' friends, with Christmas catch-ups planned.

feeling : A sense of wonder at my life - how the hell did I get here?! Normal daily annoyances aside, I have so very little to complain about. Colour me grateful. 

The slide into Christmas is here, my friends. In amongst all the crazy, remember to take a few minutes to breathe and smile - life is almost always on your side xx

List sourced from Pip @ Meet Me At Mikes {here} - thanks ever so much Pip!