Hey, I’m Bec...


...and this is Think Big Live Simply, a space about how to live a life that’s full of the good stuff –


I used to work in Science...then, I discovered the world of Permaculture – and realised that living simply didn’t mean giving up everything you love. Am I a minimalist? Yeah, I guess you could say so...but I do it my way, and you should too. I live in the beautiful Bega Valley of NSW in Australia, and am on an adventure of building an off-grid home on 4 acres of land, creating a new simple life - becoming a local food grower and local food eater!

I want to inspire you to think about your own life, and get curious about how you can make it even better – through growing a garden or choosing to live simply, whatever this might mean for you. Permaculture lifestyle design lights me up and I’d love to share it with you too.


Things that might help you get to know what I'm about:

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You can learn about 10 of the ways we work towards sustainability & 20 Things About Me over on Instagram.

Looking for practical tips on how to Live Simply? I've got lots of How To's here...

I share other people's gardens and their passion behind it in a series called A Meaningful Garden

Here's a little video I made showing you how easy it is to start to grow your own food.



The background bits...

I've learnt all about Permaculture Design under very wonderful teachers from Milkwood Permaculture, Good Life Permaculture and Very Edible Gardens. I hold an honours degree in Rural Science and a Master of Agriculture from the University of New England, Armidale and have studied at both the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen and Aberystwyth University, Wales. I've undertaken training in market gardening and regenerative farming, as well as organic gardening through Milkwood Permaculture. As for life experience - I've been a home gardener for years, and spent over a year working on a small-scale organic market garden, learning something new nearly every second of every day.



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